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Again I am back with a pic.

2007-07-24 01:55:57 by SirFinland

Now that at least some people see my stuff, I decided to continue. So today we have a Grand theft auto spoof I made for the Make a DS Game-thread. I hope you like it. Enjoy! Oh and I can make some specific pics if you want, just post requests in your comments and base pics would be nice.

Again I am back with a pic.


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2007-07-24 10:11:04

Interesting GTA picture.... But come on, lollies are overdone :)


First comment (again!)

(Updated ) SirFinland responds:

Heh, you stalker you :D
Well I needed some cadny in it, and then I saw it: A n00b making a OMG IM NEW LOLOLOL topic. So there came my inspiration.
Naw not really, I thought everything through. But it took quite a lot of time to cut those GTA letters they were on a white background. I think personally this is one of the best I have done. Other is a Resident Evil pic. Make sure you see it :)


2007-07-24 12:04:08

I must say that I stopt laughing with bedn some time ago.

Still, 'tis original.

But I don't amuse myself anymore in it '-_-

Now if it was something with a Magical Karp then okay. I'd crank up.

But now? No.

Ow yeah, tits plz.

SirFinland responds:

You're such a lovable character. But I hate to disappoint you, I have lots of Bedn pictures, he is my favorite subject. The possibilities are limitless. But I do have non-Bedn pictures too. But tomorrow I'll come up with my absolute favorite of all my pics.


2007-07-24 15:31:46

Everyone needs to know Finland's secret:

Mr Finland says:
I tried how empty I can make it by sucking the air out of it

My Sassy Sarai says:
I could make a comment here that would be very Newgrounds like referring to sucking things. But I didn't imagine you'd be an expert in it?

Mr Finland says:
Yes I can do miracles with my mouth

SirFinland responds:

Hmm? You edited the end
Hmm where's that ban button again. Oh right next to the delete comment button ;)
So would ya answer the question I made?