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Entry #84

Sometimes I come back to this place and feel nostalgic.

2016-11-18 20:16:55 by SirFinland

Then I realize it's stupid to feel nostalgic about being a stupid teenager


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2016-11-18 20:50:21

Give yourself a few years and you might find yourself remembering about this.

SirFinland responds:

Only if I get to feel stupid again.


2016-11-18 20:59:20

Nah,being young is not all bad.

SirFinland responds:

I miss the lack of responsibility to be honest.


2016-11-18 21:24:27

There you go.I mean,how many years can a person can really enjoy being young?Time will pass quickly and then,boom,old age!

SirFinland responds:

The real stinger is you don't really realize it.


2016-11-19 02:42:49

Yup and by the time you do,all you can do is remember.


2017-04-06 21:10:29

this fuckin' website, man


2017-04-12 03:22:36

see, it's stupid, but we had some good times. Lots of laughs were had.

(Updated ) SirFinland responds:

Can't believe all that picspamming happened 10 years ago