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The truth is

The quality of everything became shit after SJCs, and you know it.

This is officially

my best idea ever. Amirite guise?

Sidorio responds:

The tasteless faggot below doesn't seem to think so.

A masterpiece

Truly this is a piece of art that can rival the works of Da Vinci and Van Gogh himself. We should put this in Louvre for all to see.

Sidorio responds:

This shit's too good for the Louvre.

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Nice, but had a few things to be fixed

It worked nicely, the moving was smooth. The downside is that there were too many damage bars in it, and it seems that the replay button is broked, it only takes you to the game over screen. The music was good though. Otherwise a nice and an enetertaining game for killing time.

Mr-No-Name responds:

read the summary, buddy. and there are supposed to be alot of damage bars, thats the point of the game.

Pretty interactive

It was good. The automatic set, so it oes where it is supposed to go is a nice feature to have, so no one will get frustrated a bit trying to fit it well. The art is nice, it looked awesome. Only thing I'd add is some music. Maybe some rap since this is a Pimp game. And the submit your pimp is a good feature too.

SmallestGames responds:

Thank you very much for your comment and the suggestion that is very good!


This is pretty fun to play!

I liked this game, it was well made, the programming worked and there wasn't any bugs in it. The graphics were smooth, but I would have liked to to hear some music in it. THe effects were a nice add to the whole thing. The high score board is nice too, for some people to aim to be the best. This is a very good game.

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I remember the good old times now.

This song really did remind me of some of the best parts of the game, especially since MM is my all-time favorite Zelda game. I really liked what you did to the Stonetower theme, it sounded a lot more massive than the original as well as the Deku Palace theme. The Deku Palace theme had that special royal feel to it, like something you'd expect to hear when entering the King's court,.

HexMonkey responds:

Thanks, I wanted to change it up a bit and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Thanks again for the review.

This song is relevant...

to my current situation on the BBS!
Perfect job!

Well for a new shot

This was pretty great. I don't much listen to trance music, but I can give my opinion nevertheless. The beat was fantastic, the whole thing was jsut catching me into it. A very good song indeed.

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